A Guideline to Marketing Video Creation Process

 Video marketing was considered an advertising technique for the future, but that future is now here. Therefore, if you are still avoiding video marketing, there is a chance that you will be left behind in this growing competition.

However, some people do not adopt the video marketing technique because they consider it expensive. But there is no need to worry as even if your company does not have enough resources to hire an in-house video production team, you can still take the services of highly skilled companies. Moreover, these companies offer marketing video creation services while keeping your demand and needs in mind.

This article is a complete guideline about the video production processes and services the video production company provides. Therefore, please read the article and become a part of the 60% of businesses increasing their return on investment through video marketing offers.

Video Production Process

Video marketing is a powerful tool, and it helps companies communicate their stories with the audience. Moreover, the videos help the customers feel, think, and behave about a product in a certain way. Simlarly, if you take help from professional companies, you will get the marketing videos for your products and services that are strong drivers of conversation.

It does not matter whether you have an in-house team or a video production company; there are usually three categories of video production services. These three stages include.

  1. Pre-production stage
  2. Production stage
  3. Post-production stage

Reproduction Stage

The Preproduction stage of video production includes creativity and planning. This stage provides video production services like:

  • Evaluation of video objectives, the target audience of the company, delivery methods, and the tone
  • Formulation of the video production budget
  • Pitching and creative development
  • Scriptwriting for the video
  • Shortlisting the scenes that you want to include in the video
  • Scouting for a location to record the video
  • Casting crew for video
  • Acquiring the permits from the municipality
  • Renting and preparing the equipment according

The Preproduction stage is the first step in the video production procedure. However, this stage happens behind the scenes, but it is the essential part of creating a marketing video. Similarly, another thing to keep in mind is that if you do not work on the front end, you will not get the results you need.

Preproducing is the stage where you will create a solid foundation to build your message. Moreover, this stage involves two different production services.

  1. Creative production services
  2. Logistic production services

The creative production service is the side about creating and refining the concepts of a companies video. Moreover, it also involves writing a script, storyboarding, and analysis that the audience fully understands the company's story.

On the other hand, the logistics are all about the details that turn a company's ideas into a polished video.

Production Stage

The production stage is the video shooting part in which the marketing video creation service providing companies transform their thoughts into reality. Following are some video production and staffing services that go into the production stage.

Producer: From conceptualization to completion of the video, a producer always stays available in all the phases of video production. Similarly, the producer provides services of supervision, coordination, control of the budget, etc.

Director: The director or leading camera operator works with the producer and executes the script's vision. Moreover, he takes care of the camera and lighting and creates the visual that demonstrates the story.

Assistant Camera Operator: The responsibility of an assistant camera operator is to make the sync between the audio and video. Furthermore, he makes sure that the focus is correct, changes batteries, and records the media.

Field Audio Engineer: He mixes, manipulates, and reproduces the sounds and effects.

Gaffer: The gaffer supervises the lighting department and is responsible for the lighting design plans.

Grip: The Grip's job is to build and develop the set of the movie, television show, or commercial. Similarly, he works with the equipment the gives support to the camera and lighting.

Makeup Artist: A professional makeup artist applies makeup to the actors. Moreover, sometimes the services of body makeup artists also become necessary while producing a video.

Drone Operators: Drone operators operate drone cameras and capture the sky view of the shooting

Production Assistants: production assistants communicate among the various production departments and managing lockups.

Post-production Stage

After completing the video production, the process of post-production begins. This post-production stage involves the services like:

  • File management services
  • Video editing services
  • Motion graphic and animation services
  • Voice-over recording or voice acting services
  • Audio mastering services
  • File delivering services

The post-production stage usually involves all that happens after the production of the video.

Different Types of Video Content Services Given by Production Companies

There are numerous formats available; therefore, you should ask them about their services while hiring a video production company. Following are standard video production services that almost all video production companies provide.

Event Videography Services

An event video can range from 30 seconds to more than three hours in time. Similarly, it might be the recap, event teaser video, or a multi-camera production. People usually hire these services for live events like lecture recording, official meetings, sports events, weddings, and performances.

Commercial Videography Services

The time for commercial video can range from 30 to 90 seconds. Moreover, the commercials can be scripted, documented, and or animated. Similarly, the commercial services can include sponsored content, pre-roll, and branded content, etc.

Documentary Services

The promotional documentary videos range from one to thirty minutes and can include interviews and storytelling. Such tapes are informative; therefore, travel videos can also fall into this category.

Corporate and Real Estate Videography Services

Corporate video can be from one to sixty minutes in length and include training, brand culture, and promotional videos.

Real estate videos use multiple filming techniques and equipment like drones, sliders, and timelapse. Moreover, these videos are very creative and can be under five minutes.

Educational Videography Services

Such videos can be tutorials, and how-to-do videos, etc., and last up to 30 seconds. Similarly, these videos can also be lengthy, depending upon the depth of the topic.

Bottom line

Hiring a video production company to market the products and services of your company is becoming essential. Therefore, you should consider hiring professionals for video production so that you can stay in the competition.

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